Spy Gadgets

Kiss of death

What if the court of the “cold war”, uncovered spy, and she urgently need some arms to “settle the case”? Of course, to get it out of my purse lipstick, it charged a 4.5 mm cartridge, and give the enemy the most that neither is the “kiss of death”!

The camera in the button

Ajax – the code name for a hidden camera, developed by the KGB in the 1970s. The camera lens is fit in the button of his cloak, and in order to take a picture, the carrier had to activate the trigger, located in the pocket. What’s interesting – it’s one of many models used in those years both the USSR and North America with Europe.

Spy umbrella

The perfect gadget for a cold-blooded killer who imagines himself a gentleman – an umbrella, able to “bruise” poison – was developed by the KGB. A similar device was used in the elimination of the Bulgarian dissident Georgi Markov, who was killed in 1978 in London.

Markov passed the bus and felt a twinge in the shin. Turning, he saw a gentleman with an umbrella. The owner of an umbrella apologized and withdrew in an unknown direction.
George died three days after injection of strange, having to tell before he died of an episode with an umbrella. With the opening in the calf Markov was found tiny metal capsule with ricin, which is responsible for poisoning the writer.

“Rectal set of Houdini”

It is not clear – what is worse – getting caught enemy and have a chance for salvation with the help of tools, located in a capsule hidden in the anus, or capsule, accidentally disclosed during its “transport” spy. But this set of desperate daredevils used back in the 1960s.

Glasses with a surprise

You probably have heard of such a thing as a capsule of cyanide intended for captured spies. It is such a capsule in the 1970s hidden in the glasses “with surprise” wearable scouts who have a choice – to be killed during torture or to end their lives quickly and painlessly.